VMware Cloud-Native Applications

VMware Cloud-Native Applications Overview

Introduction to Cloud-Native Applications & DevOps


Developer Desktop

Workstation and Fusion

Check out the product sites Fusion for Mac, Workstation for Windows & Workstation for Linux.

Development Lifecycle, DevOps

vRealize Code Stream

vRealize Code Stream supports Continuous Delivery or DevOps initiatives. It serves as a release automation solution that allows developers and operations teams to release software more frequently and efficiently, all while leveraging their investments in existing build, test, provisioning, deployment and monitoring tools.

Production Platform

vSphere Integrated Containers

vSphere Integrated Containers realizes the “best of both worlds” by providing developers the portability, speed, and agility they love about containers while providing IT Ops the management, security, and visibility they require to run workloads in production. vSphere Integrated Containers enables IT teams to seamlessly run traditional and containerized workloads side-by-side on existing VMware infrastructure. 

vSphere Integrated Containers 1.1

Networking in Cloud-Native Environments

Storage in Cloud-Native Environments

Photon Platform

Photon Platform is a new infrastructure stack optimized for containers and cloud-native apps.  It’s built to be used in API-driven, multi-tenant, high scale, greenfield environments.  It’s composed of two main components: Photon Machine, a lightweight “microvisor” based on ESX with Photon OS built-in, and Photon Controller, a distributed high-scale control plane that includes Project Lightwave.  We also announced that we will open source Photon Controller to directly engage with the open source community including developers, customers, and partners to drive increased interoperability and functionality.

Photon Machine

A lightweight “microvisor” based on ESX with Photon OS built-in

Photon Controller


Distributed, multi-tenant host controller and scheduler providing massive scale and resiliency

Additional Open Source Projects

Docker Volume Driver for vSphere

Photon OS


Open Source Minimal Linux Container Host



Open Source Security, Directory Service, Certificate Authority & Store and Authentication Services for Container Ecosystem

vSphere driver for Flocker

ClusterHQ‘s Flocker provides an efficient and easy way to connect persistent storage with Docker containers. The vSphere driver for Flocker project provides a plugin to provision persistent data volumes on VMware’s vSphere storage datastores (VMFS, NFS, VSAN, VVOL).

Project Xenon

Technology preview of a decentralized systems development framework incl. Built-in Query/Index/Filter, Decentralized Persistence, Consensus, and Replication as well as Dynamic Discovery, Declarative API and RESTful Services

Project tdnf

Tiny Dandified Yum




a design and set of libraries for provisioning VMs and containers across different infrastructures

Additional Material

Container Performance in a virtual environment

VMworld 2015 presentations



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