CNA weekly #009

The good thing about flight delays and spending time in hotel rooms is that it finally gives me the opportunity to do some long overdue work on the CNA weekly. There are so many things that I want to share in this edition and I hope you’ll find it useful again.

Let me start with a loud shout-out to the global Harbor community. I am so extremely happy to see this great open source project receiving some well-deserved recognition: Harbor joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is now the newest adopted sandbox project!

As many of you know, besides its highly successful existance in the Open Source community, Harbor is also an important piece in VMware’s Cloud-Native Applications efforts, specifically in vSphere Integrated Containers as well as Pivotal Container Service. Both of them saw several updates since the last edition of the weekly: PKS 1.1 is now available (incl. K8s 1.10, Multi Availabilty Zone Support, Multi-Master in beta, …) and VIC 1.4 has also been released. Check out the sections below for more details and links to the downloads.

But wait, there is more: VMware also announced a new cloud service called VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE). VKE will be a multi-cloud managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering with some pretty unique features like the “Smart Cluster” implementation that picks the optimal instance types for your k8s cluster and much more. Right now it is built natively on AWS but it’ll head to Azure as well – but you can manage it with the same set of policies! Learn more about VKE in the links below – and you can also sign up for the beta there.

Another topic that is very close to my heart: how do you want to run your containers and platforms? When I started my career in IT in a large organization, I quickly learned the value and benefits that virtualization brings not only to the consumers but also to the operators of the infrastructure. And running containers is no exception here. Make sure to look into a great new whitepaper (“Containers on Bare-Metal or Virtual Machines?“) and look out for a must-watch VMworld 2018 session presented by Michael Gasch and Frank Denneman.

But let’s move on to some content:

Open Source & Community updates


Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

VMware Kubernetes Engine

vSphere Integrated Containers

Function-as-a-Service & Serverless

Platform Reliability Engineering & Operations

Other news from VMware

Keeping it fun

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