CNA weekly #005

Welcome back to another edition of the CNA weekly! Sorry for the slight delay with this edition – I am still aiming for a weekly cadence. But lets kick-off this Monday with some fresh content!
First of all, I’d like to point you to a must-read series for everyone that is interested in Kubernetes by VMware: Getting started with VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) blogposts by my friend William Lam (@lamw):

William also summarizes his work in a tweet:

Just recently, Kubernetes 1.10 has been released. Read more about it by my (new) colleagues Clint and Vladimir in their blogpost here. Find out more on the official K8s blog here.

Are you planning to attend KubeCon in Copenhagen in May? Are you interested in getting involved in VMware & Kubernetes? Join the VMware SIG (Special Interest Group) meeting on Thursday, May 3 from 11:55 – 12:30! The SIG site can be found here

From the series “back to basics“: vSphere HA Restart Priority – another great blogpost from my colleague Duncan. Make sure to get the configuration for you cluster management and worker VMs right!

From our friends at the VMware User Group (VMUG) there is a “Containers 101 for the vSphere Admin” session available. Learn more about vSphere Integrated Containers 

The VMware Open Source team shares some thoughts about maintaining large open source projects as well as five “secret” practices for Open Source success.

Some great news for Platform Operators: vRealize Operations & Wavefront are getting a close integration as part of the vROps 6.7 release. Read more about the integration here.

My colleague Alex Ellis has recently written an interesting blogpost about how to move your project to Kubernetes – he is sharing is learnings from the OpenFaaS community from the past 12 months.

Are you designing or thinking about building Kubernetes and are you willing to share some of your thoughts? Check out this survey