“All-things Cloud-Native” Newsletter

Last week I started a small experiment that I have been thinking about for some time now: a newsletter about all-things “Cloud-Native”. I have been using Twitter and RSS/feedly for quite some time now to keep up with my favorite areas of technology. But it’s tough – there is just too much going on. Some people asked me how I keep up with all these fast-moving topics and news and also stay engaged e.g. on Twitter. In essence, I made this part of my daily routine and I keep improving that practice each day. I also found inspiration on some other newsletters that I started to find useful for myself (e.g. cron.weekly or devops weekly) – in a world of literally 1000s new updates per day, a solid newsletter can be quite valuable.

Over the past years I already captured content from various channels that I found useful and shared that in a structured manner with my customers. But I feel there might be value in this – now laser focused on Cloud-Native – even for people outside of my direct network. So I decided to formalize it even further and offer my very personal summary of highlights from the week in a newsletter. From a tool perspective I picked tinyletter because it feels like there isn’t much overhead for the sender, it has a clean interface and a pretty straight-forward archive option.