vSphere Integrated Containers Engine 0.7 has been released


Only few days ago, the vSphere Integrated Containers team released the newest version 0.7 on GitHub and Bintray. I just want to summarize a few resources for tests with this release here and document some gotchas that have already been raised. Remember: this code is still a beta release so don’t deploy it to production immediately. You can also read up on the announcement of VIC as part of vSphere 6.5 in the official press release from VMworld.

Here are the links:

During the installation, you can now specify a fixed IP address instead of DHCP for your Virtual Container Host (VCH) – this is one of the new features in the 0.7 release. Please make sure to use –dns-server with your vic-machine command to set the DNS server address in the VCH. Otherwise it will use the network gateway which results in some timeout errors during the installation. There is already an issue documented at https://github.com/vmware/vic/issues/3060.

If you deploy VIC in your environment and encounter any issues, please open a issue on GitHub (https://github.com/vmware/vic/issues). You can also reach out to myself via Twitter and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

VMware Cloud Foundation – links to key product resources

There has been a lot of VMworld coverage over the last 10 days. I just wanted to summarize some of the key resources around one of the big announcements: VMware Cloud Foundation!

Please note, there will also be a webinar on September 13, 2016 so make sure to check this out in case you are looking for some more details on this!



VMworld 2016 – Hands-on Labs now available

I just realized that some of the Hands-On Labs (HOL) from VMworld 2016 have been released to VMware’s Hands-On Labs website. Make sure to check out this up-to-date content!

VMworld 2016 – General Session recordings available on Youtube


VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas is over and there is a ton of content available already. The General Sessions (Monday & Tuesday) give a great overview about key announcements and especially the keynote from Monday goes beyond VMware technology and takes a look at the future of IT. Pat Gelsinger also introduced VMware Cloud Foundation and the Cross-Cloud Architecture:

VMworld 2016 – Session Recordings available to everyone!


I just got back from a fantastic VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas and want to share some very good news with you. The team has already put VMworld session recordings online (540+ recordings so far!) – and this time, they will be accessible to everyone.

So if you were not able to attend VMworld in Las Vegas or want to review some of the announcements in more detail, you can head over to VMworld.com and check out the content anytime. It’s also a great preparation for VMworld in Barcelona later this year! Check out the Schedule Builder for VMworld Barcelona and prepare your experience today!